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Dịch vụ công - Tỉnh Hậu Giang
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Vi Thanh City is located in the center of western Hau River region which is belong to the Mekong River Delta area. Hau Giang province in general anh Vi Thanh City in particular have a process formed and developed for a long time with continous change about province, face as well as name. In 1698, when Nguyen Huu Canh into virtually ceremony go to viceroy, the whole new land of the South become an administrative unit officially which is called  Phu Gia Dinh. From century XVI, XVII and the end of century XVIII, some groups of inhabitants and Mac Cưu come here to exploit and make a living. Mac Cuu was made the title of Tong Binh of Ha Tien by Nguyen king. He gathered these inhabitants to develop this new land.

In 1732, the whole land of the South is separated 3 palaces and 1 town by Nguyen king (Including: Tran Bien palace (Bien Hoa area now), Phien Tran palace (Gia Dinh), Long Ho palace (Vinh Long) and Ha Tien town. After Mac Cuu died, Mac Thien Tich continued father’s work and develop this land to create Hau River right bank. In 1739, there are 4 new land: Long Xuyen (Ca Mau), Kien Giang (Rach Gia), Tran Giang (Can Tho), Tran Di (Bac Lieu) is joined with Ha Tien. Nowadays, a part of Hau Giang province is innovating. Before 1897, area of  Giong Rieng, Go Quao, Long Mỹ district (Rach Gia province) just have 2 Tong, lack of 10 hamlets, but in 1939, only Long My district have 3 Tong, 12 hamlets. In general, an ancient land is Long My district (Rach Gia province)  và Phung Hiep district (Can Tho province), an administrative unit is intact to period against French.

After Geneve agreement 1954, area of Long My – Phung Hiep have changes such as: In 1960, Long My district is separated and established a new Duc Long district. Both of them belong to Phong Dinh province, including of commune: Vi Thanh, Vi Thuy, Vinh Tuong, Hoa Luu, Vi Duc, Hoa An (after supplying commune from Giong Rieng district that is called Ngoc Hoa). Duc Long district is located in Hoa Luu commune, in 1963 it is moved to Vi Thuy commune (the bottom of  Nang Mau bridge), in this process of establishment about new Duc Long district, Ngo Dinh Diem government built 2 dense and prosperous area (Vi Thanh – Hoa Luu) that is inaugurated on march 1st, 1961.

To prevent revolution forces from U Minh access and notice control inhabitant to protect Can Tho và 4 tactics area, Dinh Diem Ngo government signed decree on December 21st, 1961 to establish Chuong Thien province. It includes 5 district: Long My, Duc Long, Kien Hung (Go Quao district, Kien Giang  now), Kien Thien (Hong Dan district, Bac lieu now), Kien Long strict (Vinh Thuan, Kien Giang now).

After liberating, an administrative unit of  Long My – Vi Thuy area are corrected a little: First, Vi Thanh City of ancient Hau Giang province (1975- 1977). Then on January 01st ,1978 Vi Thanh is joined with Long My district to establish Long My district. On February 15th, 1983 Long My district is separated 2 districts: Vi Thanh and Long My. On July 1st , 1999 Government enforced Governmental decision no 45/1999/NĐ-CP to establish Vi Thanh town and change Vi Thanh district that is Vi Thuy district of  Can Tho province. On January 1st, 2004 Can Tho province is separated  Can Tho city of  Central and Hau Giang province now. On September 23rd, 2010 Government enforced Resolution no 34/NQ-CP to establish Vi Thanh city of Hau Giang province./.

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